nemec eckschlager côrtes de lima Kooperation von Rechtsanwälten
nemec eckschlager cortês de lima Kooperation von Rechtsanwälten 
Family Office
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You benefit from an entire legal advice of our experienced Team in the scope of family office. We link various advice sectors for families, companies and foundations. Complex family networks in business life need to be legally structured. Therefore it is important to gather strategic advice, tax and financial planning, the organisation of succession, education and acquisition. The core business area of family office is to develop a corporate strategy concertedly, as well as the implementation and supervision in various areas. We provide an entire legal advice from the first idea, among the conversion to a possible termination of your family office. Therefore we take attention to your specific interests and needs of your family. An individual advice ensures that all economic objectives in connection to a family office may be achieved in an optimal way. The legal structure, personal and financial interests, an entire financial planning as well as well-balanced perceptions of every single family member are key elements of an effective family-office-strategy. Among others, we assume your administrative tasks and fiduciary transactions. You benefit from an efficient legal advice at the planning of your fiscal and legal matters. Besides to an overview, the analysis and controlling of your property position, we provide answers to all questions in the scope of portfolio strategies.
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Dr. Johannes Eckschlager LL.M. Head of Foundation law Partner* Rechtsanwalt T: +43 (0) 1 907 62 02 E:
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