nemec eckschlager côrtes de lima Kooperation von Rechtsanwälten
nemec eckschlager cortês de lima Kooperation von Rechtsanwälten 
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Activity Emphasis National and international contract law with a spezialisation on contracts among the national and international supply chain National and international Corporation law (M&A) Technology law (esp. IT and E-Commerce) Infrastructure law Logistics and transport law Company and Corporation law Environmental law and general administrative law Employment law and data protection European law Conflict management and Arbitral jurisdiction Litigation (just sector-specific)
Education and professional Career Mag. Kurt P. Nemec, M.B.L.-HSG Education in mechatronics. Studied law at the Universities of Vienna, Salzburg and St. Gallen. Operates in prestigious, international economy associations. Head of the areas Law and regulation in an international telecommunications company. Lawyer with a special focus on economic law. Because of his education in mechatronics, Mag. Kurt Nemec, M.B.L.-HSG is one of  a few European law experts, who has recourse to a profound technical training and a long-term experience concerning the infrastructure industry in addition to his legal expertise. This is the reason why we can take part in essential discussions about innovations in industry, IT, Infrastructure and logistics. Due to this experience, he is a leading expert in development of strategies and consultancy of international supply chains. By the use of legal solutions for technical and economic issues, he provides a founded benefit for the dissolution of difficulties in the business practice. Among others, he advises national and international companies concerning their supply chains. Mag. Nemec also advises companies due to international cooperations, research- and development projects. Furthermore, he advises companies within the scope of strategic growth management, establishments, legal successions and restructuring. Additional competences of Mag. Nemec are the development of strategies as well as mediations relating to family businesses respectively the families who own them especially with regards to succession in company and transfer of assets. He is fluent in German and English. Other references: Commissioner of the German-Austrian economic relations of the Economic Council Germany in the years 2013 and 2014 Partner of the ACstyria Autocluster GmbH Buisness partner of the Seestatt Consulting & Interim Management AG and Seestatt Corporate Finance AG Member of the working group “legal framework requirements” of the automation summit 2015/2016 of the BMVIT Member of the Techniker Cercle, Vienna Books: Liberalisation of the Austrian infrastructure Markets, editor and coauthor See also: TU vienna seizes the infrastructure liberalisation References
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