nemec eckschlager cortês de lima  Kooperation von Rechtsanwälten
Dr. Margareth Puttini
Mag. Kurt P. Nemec, M.B.L.-HSG
Prof. Dr. Helmut Kramer
Partner* / Lawyer
Partner***/ Lawyer
External Consultant*      Economics
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Dr. Johannes Eckschlager, L.L.M.
Partner**/ Lawyer
* Interdisciplinary Partner in constant cooperation
Mag. (FH) Phillipp Wessiak
Dr. Urs Trinker, M.B.L.-HSG
Interdisciplinary Partner
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Managing Director Xvise innovatve logistics GmbH*
Managing Partner  Swiss economics*
Legal Team
For perfect legal representation, our law office offers a complete team of competent and well-educated associates. A team that enjoys legal work and will find the optimum solution for each of your concerns.
*       Lawyer in constant cooperation in the office of Vienna       **    Lawyer in constant cooperation in the office of Salzburg   *** Advogada in constant cooperation in the office of Sao Paulo       
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Dr. rer. nat. Jost Bernasch
Managing Director Virtual Vehicle Kompetenzzentrum*
         Gustavo Cortês de Lima
Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Wolfgang Kalny.
Director of Kalny Future Business GmbH*