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x|vise innovative logistics GmbH Xvise innovative logistics GmbH is one of Austria's leading consulting companies in the sectors logistics, supply-chain management and e- commerce solutions. Xvise innovative logistics GmbH is specialized in practical relevant analysis, optimization and enhancement of logistics, strategic advice at the supply chain management and the implementation of logistically integrated e-commerce solutions.
Swiss Economics SE AG Swiss Economics provides orientation in the changing competitive, technological and regulatory environment of your industry. They support you in coping with current challenges and in actively shaping the future of your market.
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Our team of specialized lawyers is working closely with external experts from various areas. Among others, their specialties are IT and logistics consulting, corporate acquisition, project management, efficiency analysis, Benchmarketing, economic policy and competition economics.
ACstyria Autocluster GmbH The Styrian Autocluster ACstyria was founded in 1995 in order to combine economy, industy, research and public facilities. He connects companies and provides an appropriate know-how in-between its network. Among others, the company benefits from its partners AVL List, CROSS Industries, Krenhof Schmiedetechnik, Magna Steyr, SFG, TCM International and voestalpine.
Seestatt Consulting & Interim Management AG und Seestatt Corporate Finance AG Seestatt Experts develops solutions for entrepreneurs and companies. They promote innovation, growth, change and performance across many industries towards a sustainable success. They create with their culture and methodology confidence towards their clients and business associates.
Kalny Future Business Beteiligungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH Mission of the Kalny Future Business is to support enterprises in creating, planning and executing digital transformation strategies with strong focus on digital economy, robotics process automation for backoffice processes, applications of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, blockchains, cryptography as well as general methodological support for process and project management, change management, and knowledge management.