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Reference Projects of the Legal Team Entire legal advice for a subsidiary company of an Austrian logistic group with regard to an international logistics- and IT- outsourcing project with one of the biggest worldwide acting supply chain collaboration platforms with a focus on automotive, aerospace, railway, transport, engineering, high tech and electronics Legal risk analysis for a medium-sized Austrian car supplier in terms of the entire supply chain Legal support of a global IT insourcing project of a Danish group Contract negotiations for a car supplier company with one of the biggest German and Scandinavian car manufacturers Supporting and preparing contracts, in the areas of logistics and IT-outsourcing, for one of the largest Austrian logistic companies, and its subsidiary companies Preparing international delivery and purchasing conditions for an Austrian steel group and for one of the largest Austrian logistic companies Legal advice for the internationalization of an Austrian production firm Termination of international energy supply contracts for an European energy company Representation of a state-run gas industry in matters of gas transit contracts Legal advice for an Asian airline Guidance at cross-border leasing transactions of large Austrian companies Advice and contract elaborations for an American large-scale IT enterprise for their activities in Europe based on the territory of Austria (Local Operating plan agreement, Master Lease Agreement) Advice for a state-owned enterprise in connection with legal aspects of the Austrian Aviation Safety Consulting and contract elaboration for an Austrian airport in connection with their participation in the project of an airport in Spain, providing expertise in the range of procurement law Legal advice and representation of a large Austrian insurance company Participation in legal advisory mandates for an Austrian airline, assistance in awarding contracts Project contracts for the realization of a cancer research and cancer treatment centre for ion and carbon ion therapy in collaboration with a European organization for cancer research Expertise for the divestment of properties from a provincial capital to a private energy provider and expertise for the establishment of a rescue company for the resultant service concessions Participation in acquisition projects in various eastern states Legal advice in the course of the renovation/restructuring of an Austrian telecommunication company Management and supervision of all regulatory and interconnection matters for an Austrian telecommunication company Co-supervision of court proceedings in the sector of telecommunication including framework Consolidated composing of a legal expertise with respect to promoters contracts in connection with the soccer World Cup Austria/Switzerland Participation in the post-closing advice of Austria's largest infrastructure transaction of the year 2005/2006 in the mobile communications sector
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