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Brazil & Latin America Desk
“The necessity to grow very fast and sustainable at the same time, especially in the internationalization strategies, demands experts with a founded experience and a selected trustful network”. Our office in Vienna, with strong focus on International Law, in cooperation with well-known law and consultancy firms, provides high quality support and advice not only on a national level but also for our clients' international activities. Our clients earn the benefit from our cooperation and local experts' know-how to enforce their interests in the most efficient way. Latin America´s strategical economic relation with the European Union started in 1999 at Rio de Janeiro. The interaction between both continents includes about 1 billion people, who share common cultural heritage and values. The Latin America Desk advice our clients establishing companies and developing negotiations in Europe and at the same time accompanying his European clients in Latin America
Decisive contacts and the good relationship between businesses, national and international political institutions guarantee a very successful teamwork. The Brazil-and Latin America Desk is supporting our clients in private and public sector providing responses to the strong demand in infrastructural projects, oil and gas, mining, environment and biodiversity, projects in the fields of the energy, technology, which should be nowadays more and more sustainable, interdisciplinary, integrating national and international stakeholders. Our lawyer deals on a regular base with cross-border projects and focuses on the legal aspects of the infrastructure projects, production and distribution of energy (including climate change regulations), the ecological management of natural resources, biodiversity issues, financing of ecosocial projects, environmental offsets, under others. Languages: Portuguese and Spanish.
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