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Activity Emphasis Brazilian Desk International tax law Oil- and Gas Law Energy law Infrastructure law European Law Focus on America, South America and Portugal
Education and professional Career Gustavo Cortês de Lima Gustavo Cortês de Lima is a lawyer and major partner of „Cortês Advogados Associados“ in Brazil, major partner of GICORP in Vienna, Austria, as well as Director of the Department of Infrastructure and Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs of the Federation of the Industries of the State of São Paolo (FIESP). He is an expert in international business law, with focus on infrastructure and energy (oil and gas). Cortês de Lima is the founder of the “Strategy Diversification of Funding”. Its main aim is cooperating with Innovation and Development Agencies reproducing the model of Export Credit Agencies to fund R&D and industries applied for new, sustainability, efficiency industrial in Europe and overseas. Furthermore, he was Advisor in Human Rights and Electoral Missions for the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS).
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