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Logistic, Trade and Transport
We offer in the logistics, Trade and Transport sectors industry-specific solutions, according to the One-stop shop principle. We provide appropriate solutions for every situation and project all the way along your national and international supply chains. In addition to assistance with contractual challenges along the entire supply chain, as well as support from the national and international development and expansion of markets and production sites, are sales and regulatory challenges as well as product liability and assertion of or defence against claims further focus areas of our consulting. We provide legal, as well as strategic support for your national and international logistics projects from the first step to the final settlements. Therefore, we optimize your logistics B2B business conditions in the sectors of security, sustainability and efficiency in the context of the legal possibilities. We also check existing general terms and conditions or agreements on legal and economic risks, security, sustainability and efficiency. Our references to a possible lack of regulations will provide you additional evidence for the optimal contract. We provide our decades of experience in providing legal advice and support to well-known companies operating globally. Furthermore, you benefit from the additional technical education of our lawyers. Our interdisciplinary team consists of lawyers, logistics and management consultants, tax consultants and accountants. With this interdisciplinary know-how, we give attention to all for you and your company relevant matters. We do not disregard, that consequent legal solutions always have to be economically founded, technically viable and in daily operations feasible. With one of Austria’s leading logistic consultants, Xvise innovative logistics GmbH, we supplement our legal expertise, among other things with an integrated consulting for structural growth management. In the light of our own management experience in the industry as well as the additional technical training of our lawyers, we can also provide you practical solutions, particularly in international contract management along its entire supply chain. In the regulatory field, we are working closely with the Swiss consulting company swiss economics. In addition, we maintain close relationships with prestigious universities and leading practitioners.
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