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Real Estate
We offer a comprehensive advice on all legal aspects of real estate investment, integrated collaboration among top specialists in various fields and extensive experience in the sector. The Real Estate sector is the answer to the increasingly complex challenges in the real estate industry. Our integrated approach combines an in-depth business understanding of the ‘real estate’ asset class with a high level of legal expertise, and covers the whole value chain in real estate investment: transactions, real estate private-equity, financing, development projects, restructuring, investment funds and tax structuring. A substantial point of the work of our Team is advising clients involved in the field of real estate. We offer our clients extensive support in all areas of real estate and construction law, including environmental issues. Our team handles this comprehensive area of law through every stage of a project. Beginning with the acquisition of land, we support our clients in everything from project development, negotiating and drafting financing agreements, preparing planning and construction agreements, to residential and commercial leases. Our core areas of expertise include handling landlord-tenant disputes and construction litigation, as well as assisting with claims management. We have particular knowledge in advising on property transactions and the development of property projects, from the project planning stage, through the negotiation and formulation of the contractual documents and finally the development and realisation of the fiscal and corporate structure produced for the client. In addition, we offer our clients advice and representation in all landlord and tenant, construction and real estate matters. Our experience includes support in private legal disputes and representation and advice for construction firms, residential property developers and institutional real estate developers. Our extensive experience and know-how in this sector allows us to offer the best service with tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements.
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