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Mechatronics-, Technology-, and IT-Companies
We offer industry-specific solutions in mechatronics, technology and IT, according to the One-stop shop principle. Because of our technical and economic know-how, we are one of the leading law firms in the sectors of mechatronics-, technology- and IT law. Mag. Kurt Nemec, M.B.L.-HSG is, because of his education in mechatronics, one of a few European law experts, who has recourse to a profound technical training and a long-term experience in the infrastructure industry in addition to his legal expertise. This is the reason why we can take part in essential discussions about new innovations in industry, IT and logistics. You benefit from our passion and expertise in all relevant legal disciplines in technology, and you receive advice on your complex technology- and IT-projects in all relevant aspects of your national and international supply chain. We provide a comprehensive legal advice, ranging from basic aspects of IT and data protection law through to issues of profession-specific or sector-specific law concerning trade secrets, as well as public procurement, antitrust, copyright, and employment law or sector-specific regulatory requirements. You will of course also receive the advice and support of our experienced network of external consultants, with all their expertise. For IT law issues with an international component, we will work on your behalf locally in cooperation with well-selected experts of our confidence. Among ohers, we complete our legal expertise with an integrated advice in structural growth by having a cooperation with Xvise innovative logistics GmbH, which is one of Austria’s leading logistics consultant.
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