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About us We are an Austrian law firm with a specialization in the sectors industry, technology, logistics and trade. Our lawyers have in addition to their legal training additional education in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, they have longtime practical experience in the industry sector, because of former (business) management positions. The firm delivers real value to clients by devising and handling the right solutions to complex legal and technical matters. Our specialized office distinguishes itself through its unique combination of legal excellence, creative thinking, international experience and in-depth industry knowledge. We provide added-value through the industry specific expertise and the long-term experience of our team. Through our individual team and our partnerships with leading businesses, including the University of St. Gallen, allow us to provide uniquely stable solutions and very efficient response times. We only operate in areas that we fully understand and where we have multiple clients and projects. Our efficient organisation provides clients with trusted support for the challenges they face. We treat all our clients as if they were the only one. In an ever- evolving market, this is our motivation and our passion.
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Industry know-how Our Team understands its clients’ business: besides their excellent professional knowledge, all experts also have extensive experience in the industries they advise. Sector groups range from automotive, aerospace, energy, finance and environmental economy, to biotechnology, healthcare, real estate and private equity. Interdisciplinary solutions Together with its partners, external consultants and interdisciplinary partners, the firm also develops sustainable solutions for finance and management by devising integrated solutions tailored to the specific requirements of its clients. This interdisciplinary approach offers clients seamless, efficient and comprehensive solutions. International network A worldwide network of leading law firms in the industry, mechatronics and IT sector and the University of St. Gallen can guarantee international legal advice at the highest level. Our offices Vienna, Salzburg, Sao Paolo