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Distribution, Franchise Systems and E-Commerce
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Mag. Kurt P. Nemec, M.B.L.- HSG (St. Gallen) Head of Distribution, Francise Systems and E-Commerce Partner* Lawyer T: +43 (0) 1 907 62 02 E:
Mag. (FH) Phillipp Wessiak Managing Director Xvise innovative logistics GmbH* T +43 59006 2954 E:
We provide practical support for all your projects in the context of distribution, franchise systems and e-commerce. Our advice includes the entire supply chain of the organization of distribution. We approach all topics from establishing and developing national and international distribution and franchise systems. In cooperation with our long-term partner Xvise innovative logistics GmbH, we provide among others an integrated advice of structural growth in addition to our legal expertise. Furthermore, our experts advise you in all legal matters of e-commerce. Moreover, we develop solutions that make business sense, are workable and practical, and, most importantly, are a good match for clients. We proide advice from production to the end customer. In the context of franchise systems, we provide an entire legal advice from the setup of basic structures and contract management to judicial or extrajudicial enforcement of claims. You benefit from our long-term experience in establishing of national and international franchise systems and distribution networks. We provide solutions for an efficient and safe distribution system in B2B and B2C-sectors, through direct distribution or via intermediaries.
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Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Wolfgang Kalny Director of Kalny Future Business GmbH* T +43 1 877 329 70 E: office@kalny-future-