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Biotechnology and Healthcare System
We offer integrated legal advice and provide tailor made solutions on all issues and aspects within the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is one of Austria’s most dynamic industries and a key market with a commitment to innovation. Not only is first-class medical provision demanded but there is also an expectation of increasingly good prevention and recovery measures. Top-class medicine in hospitals and general practitioners practices is thus essential, in the same way as excellent transport and primary care. The leading position among international competitors is also to be extended further. These are just a few of the essential challenges. However, the sector is also subject to governmental regulatory intervention and control. Companies active within the industry are only successful if they can make use of all possible opportunities available to them, both strategically and operationally, as well as protecting their innovative capacity. We provide an entire legal advice and tailor made solutions in all matters of the healthcare sector. Using the maxim “prevention is better than cure”, we provide well thought-out groundwork that saves you time and expense involved in having to deal with problems later. Our experts assist you in all areas ranging from market entry and safeguarding complex research projects, to transactions and litigation, for example with respect to patents or product liability. We support our clients working in various fields from hospitals, GP practices, and residential care homes to geriatrics, wellness & prevention as well as ambulance services and help them to plan, finance, establish and run their projects. Among others, we are concerned with planning and financing of construction plans together with tenders and public procurement of the necessary services, taking into account the existing funding guidelines, advice on company law taking into account the criteria to be fulfilled in relation to benefit to the public, Formulation of a wide range of branch-specific contracts and general terms of business as well as bringing and defending claims and liability resulting from these contracts and bringing and defending claims arising from treatments performed by doctors and other medical treatments, both out of court and in proceedings before authorities and courts, as well as representation in professional and disciplinary proceedings. Our seamless advice covering all aspects and issues of law related to the healthcare sector ensures the efficient realisation of your project goals. You will benefit from our many years of national and international industry experience within the healthcare sector.
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