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Private Equity/ Venture Capital
We have many years of experience in advising private equity and venture capital transactions. The altered economic, fiscal, and regulatory environment for banks, investors, and private-equity managers has resulted in changes to investment structures, the investment rationale and has created a new investment culture. At the same time, the challenges to implement operational improvements at the level of portfolio companies along with value enhancement strategies have increased. We advise both private-equity and venture capital funds and the target companies in all types of transactions. We regularly advise companies and financial investors on all phases of corporate growth and development, from acquisition of seed capital, venture capital or growth financing (including tax structuring) to growth through acquisitions and the corresponding financing and refinancing through to the final exit, typically in the form of a trade sale or an IPO. We advise all types of private equity and venture capital funds as well as the target companies in connection with all conceivable transactions. Private equity investors maintain an investment management in the internationalization of business models, the development and expansion of distribution channels (e.g. online trading platforms, franchise concepts), the expansion of value chains and the implementation of buy-and built-strategies, consolidation of competitive situations or building a strong brand presence in focus. This is reinforced in the area of growth capital (venture capital, growth capital), which is currently all industrial sectors, such as trade, a profound change and redesign subjects. In an investment market characterised by increasing complexity and competition, the right structure and the skill of the advisers in implementing challenging investment strategies, therefore, play – alongside a good feel for the right opportunity – a key role for a successful investment strategy. Among others, our support includes an Industry-focused analysis of target companies, due diligence (legal, fiscal, economic and management), Investment structuring between investor, co-investors, management and, if appropriate, the former owners, acquisition financing and finance structuring, structuring and implementation of deal-by-deal fund raising concepts, management/employee participation programmes, and transaction-related litigation/arbitration.
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