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In the business environment of a company, there are a lot of important and extensive legal matters that arise from complex states of facts. We advise you in all legal matters as an external legal department. For a successful company in the stage of strategic project-preparation, it is very important to gather well-grounded legal advice. Personnel costs and a varying need of employment are the reasons, why the outsourcing of the legal department is helpful and convenient. Our experts provide permanent, reliable and qualified legal advice, as well as an additional support for your internal legal department. Besides to the legal and technical know-how of our jurists, you benefit from their long- term experience in practice. Because of an external legal department, also small companies will be competitive without an own legal department. Absent legal advice is unquestionable disadvantageous. The additional technical training of our jurists and the broad special knowledge of our experts in connection to long-term experience in implementation gives rise to a cost-efficient alternative to an own, complex legal department. Especially in the sectors automotive, aerospace, mechatronics, technology, IT, logistics and transport, you benefit from our specialised know-how. With our additional technical knowledge, we advise you in law areas which are individually required. Therefore we give attention to specific problem areas. Among others, we provide and review all kind of contracts among the national and international supply chain. We advise you in all matters of employment law and we give attention to all other legal problems (law of associations, law on competition, litigation etc.) We also advise you in all constant changing and expanding law sectors. Advice at an early stage saves time, costs and legal dispute. In your interest we prefer the extrajudicial handling of legal conflicts. As well we represent your interests in required judicial proceedings. Therefore we always consider your legal, economic and personal interests.
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