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Integrated Conflict Management
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Conflicts are often seen as weak points of a business system. Because of this, it is difficult to manifest oneself to this areas of conflict actively. We take attention to your conflicts and provide legal advice in the scope of integrated conflict management. Conflicts in a company may sustainable harm the business environment and the resources of the company. Through the integration of a structured conflict management in a consisting system of management, conflicts can be seen at an early point and dissolved through selective procedures. Especially in the service sector, interpersonal connections are very important. A strong team spirit and a respectful acquaintance can improve the productivity of a concern tremendously. Therefore it is relevant to regulate conflicts and their consequences as well as possibilities of preventive procedures. Besides to legal advice, we also provide the settlement of new and the supervision of consisting procedures of conflict management and prevention. An integrated conflict management ensures the individual supply in the handling of conflict situations.
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