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We provide legal advice in the sectors litigation, conduct of a case and prosecution of claims. In your interest we prefer the extrajudicial settlement of conflicts. Sometimes judicial litigation is not avoidable. Therefore an efficient legal advice is very important to succeed. For the assertion and defence against claims it needs not only well- grounded legal knowledge, but also long-term experience in practice and implementation of the know-how at court, in administration and arbitrations. We advise you before, during and after litigation and evaluate the specific risks, like unexpected behaviour of judicial summoned witnesses, risks in connection to reputational damages or the loss of credit-worthiness of the adversary. Because of our legal know-how and our long-term experience in practice, we can provide an intense advice in litigation. You benefit from an entire preparation for a process, construction of strategies, judicial representation, conduct of execution and assertion of claims. If there are any alternative solutions to a judicial process, we will also advise you at alternative dispute resolutions with well-grounded knowledge, to spot your interests in an optimal way.
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